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Our Mission


We strive to take initiative to implement green measures in our programs and put “environmental protection” in action.

Encourage participants and instructors to bring their own water bottles

Take the garbage away by themselves

Participants are advised to use reusable tableware

Take care of marine life, do not take away anything from the nature and do not destroy

Replace chemical materials by marine-friendly products, such as sunscreen products


Environmental Protection

Ocean is water sports lovers’playground. We have the right and responsibility to protect other ocean stakeholders’rights to use and live. Let’s create a co-living environment.


Water Safety Education

When doing water sports, safety must be our first priority. When water sports become more accessible and popular, public education on water safety is essential for preventing accidents from occurring.


Water Sports Innovation

We strive to break through the public stereotype about “water sports”. We bring water sports accessible to different sectors and create more possibilities of water programs innovatively.   


Wellness promotion

Getting outdoors in the water is brilliant for both physical, mental and social health. Being active in the water keeps you healthy, boosts your mood and enjoys teamwork.

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