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Non-wet Water Sports Experiential Workshop

For the experiential workshop, coaches/ instructors will teach students basic knowledge and skills of the sports.


  • Check-in spot in town 

  • Unique non-wet real-water paddling experience 

  • Breakthrough geographical and climatic limitation of water sports 

  • Easy, safe, accessible




Water Sports

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) or Kayaking

Students/ Sessions

30 students per session (1 hour) 

Totally serve: 30 students x 4 sessions = 120 students


1 hour/ session


  • Two stations for students to learn and experience 

  • Each station last for about 30 min and swap 

  • Station (1) Water pool paddling* 

  • Station (2) Balance training

Provided by Ocean Explorer

  • All equipment 

  • Manpower: coaches / instructors and helpers

  • Hygienic equipment e.g. alcohol for cleaning

Supports from school

  • Water source

  • Sewage


Station (1) Water pool paddling

  • Two portable water tanks at the school playground will be the spotlight in school!

  • Students can try to step on the floating SUP board/ kayak and do real-water paddling. 



  • Feasibility subject to site technical inspection (school to provide water source and sewage)

  • Set up time: at least 3 hour

  • Booth space (2 tanks): at least 8m(W)x6m(L)


Station (2) Balance training

  • Water sports can train good self-balance and stability.

  • Students will do different games to train their balance.

Water Sports/ Ocean Conservation game booths
  • Students can drop in and choose which game booths to join. 

  • Booth prizes will be provided to students who achieve the specific goals, subject to a token system of the whole event.


  • Let students participate freely without pressure

  • ​The content is easy and easy to master





Water sports & Ocean conservation

Students/ sessions

Suggest 60 students/ session (1hour)

Totally serve:
No. of participants: 60 students x 4 sessions = 240 students

No. of attendance: 240 students x 6 games = 1440 attendance


1 hour/ session


  • 6 game booths

Provided by Ocean Explorer

  • All equipment

  • Manpower: coaches/instructors and helpers

  • Hygienic equipment eg alcohol for cleaning

  • Booth prize (if applicable)

  • Fence / A-board for cueing

Support from school

  • Tables, chairs

Booth Name


Booth (1)
The Boat Sprinter (百米飛船)

  • Students will do kayak challenge for a 100 meters

  • Names of top 5 students in school will be put on the leaderboard and received a special prize.

  • Suitable for P4-6 students

Booth (2)
Kung Fu Scorer (功夫手球)

  • Challenge students’ balancing and aiming skills

  • Students will step on bouncing boards and shot the ball

Booth (3)
Puzzle the Fish (海洋齊砌樂)

  • Students strive to complete marine organisms in given time limit

  • Special prize for students who can name it correctly.

Booth (4)
Think Fast, Move Faster (反應你最快)

  • Sea waves keep moving and changing all the time. 

  • With reaction light installation, students can test their reaction ability.

Booth (5)
Innovative Rowing(潮玩賽艇)

  • We will bring the hottest innovative water sports to school and that is "board rowing". 

  • Board rowing is easy to learn and balance. Most fit novice paddlers.

Booth (6)
Clean the Ocean (清潔海洋)

  • Students help to project the earth by cleaning out the rubbish in bubble sea with kayaking paddles

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