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Sampan Tour X Dragon Boat Experience


You can experience dragon boats and participate in ecological tours. The itinerary is very rich and practical. There will be more events of this type in the future.

Sup Yoga

Sup Yoga.jpg

I usually do YOGA, but it is very interesting to do it on SUP for the first time. It is more difficult than ordinary YOGA. It requires balance and is very challenging, and the scenery at sea is beautiful.

Board rowing


For the first time, I have experienced water activities without falling into the water. board rowing can train the coordination of hands, bodies and feet, which is more challenging than land sports.

Oyster reef mudflat restoration


Participating in eco-tourism can not only learn the knowledge of the natural environment, appreciate the nature, but also restore the mudflat environment for environmental protection. It really kills two birds with one stone.

Sea Glass Workshop


The small craft workshop is very special, you can transform marine debris into accessories, and also learn how to protect the ocean.

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